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network cabling installation

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Computer networks are at the heart of business – connecting computers and data centers, to each other, to the internet and private intranets, and to a variety of other peripherals and hardware like VoIP telephony systems. As a fully licensed and bonded installer of network cabling, ClearLine Networks has completed thousands of drops including cat5e, cat6, and cat6a cabling to make these connections efficiently, securely, and cost effectively.

Cat 5e vs. Cat 6 vs. Cat 6A - which one do I need?

All three cables feature a slightly different core design and throughput capacity. Accordingly, each cable type has its proper place, and application, which best suited to its design.

Cat 5e data cable
Cat 5e cables are typically 24 gauge twisted pair wires, which can handle, at its best, 1000 Mbps speeds (gigabit Ethernet) at 100 MHz and produce a Gigibit network at distances up to 328 ft., including patch cables at both ends.

Cat 6 data cable
Within a limited distance of roughly 160 feet, Cat 6 cable can produce up to 10 gigabit Ethernet at 250 MHz. Beyond that distance, Cat 6 delivers the same 1000 Mbps speed at 100 MHz like Cat 5e. Thicker than Cat 5e, 23 gauge Cat 6 cable is designed to further reduce crosstalk.

Cat 6A data cable
Cat 6A offers 10 Gigabit/second networking the entire distance of Ethernet (328 ft.). Thicker than Cat 6 and Cat 5e, Cat 6A cable requires additional planning for pathways.  ClearLine can help with that planning to ensure a neat installation that meets the stringent installation requirements of Cat 6A.

The short answer is we can help you make the right network cabling and related equipment decisions based on your current situation and projected growth needs. The choices are primarily based on service utilization and speed/performance requirements, how long you will be in your current or new facility, and budget.

Whether you’re updating an existing system, expanding your business, moving or remodeling, you can trust ClearLine for all your data communications wiring design and installation needs. We can meet your specifications on any size project, including voice and data cabling service for multi-floor and multi-site installations.

The quality of ClearLine’s voice and data cabling installations is second to none. We take great pride not only in giving our customers working systems, but ensuring a network cabling installation that is both neat and clean. You can always count on us to deliver the best people, affordable installation, and unparalleled support.

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