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Access Control Systems

Access Control Security Systems

access control security systems

Secure entrances, exits and key areas to protect your company.

ClearLine Networks can install a custom access control system to help you protect facility entrances and key access points, or secure sensitive areas of your business while eliminating the cost and headache of re-keying and lock changes. Whether you want to protect valuable assets or increase employee safety, we have flexible and affordable electronic access control solutions for your organization. We can provide a broad range of reliable access control solutions, including:

Intercom/Video Security Systems
Hardware or software based intercoms and security video systems are used to connect with access systems, allowing security operators to activate remote door releases and entry authorization into locked rooms or buildings.

Keypad Security Systems
ClearLine can install a secure access keypad on single door or multiple doors, eliminating the need for users to manage cards, key fobs, or other credentials. Authorized users can gain access to designated spaces using a provided security PIN.

Proximity Security Systems
Proximity systems utilize readers to permit access based on the physical presentation or proximity of authorized credentials including keycards, key fobs, or badge, etc. which manage user access and eliminate the need for physical keys. ClearLine’s card access systems use state of the art access control equipment, including readers and locking hardware in compliance with local building codes. We can supply access cards with the option to print a customized company logo allowing them to double as an ID. Long range gate readers are another example of proximity systems that can read credentials at a greater distance for entry access.

Biometrics Security Systems
Used in high security applications like hospitals, financial institutions or law enforcement agencies to prevent use of duplicated or lost cards, biometric security systems use fingerprint, hand geometry or retinal scan technologies to identify an individual and permit access to sensitive, security controlled environments.

Access Control Management

Security Clients have the option to manage their access control system locally via an on-site server, or take advantage of ClearCloud, a managed service provided through ClearLine featuring secure off-site data storage and web-based operations management that eliminates the usual customer-maintained server.

ClearLine can help your business operate securely with a state-of-the-art access control system. We can procure and install all security equipment, and provide effective local or cloud based security management. Contact us today to speak to our security system experts about you specific access control needs.


We provide access control systems for the following Metro Nashville areas, including:

Brentwood, TN  |  Columbia, TN  |  Dickson, TN  |  Franklin, TN  |  Gallatin, TN  |  Goodlettsville, TN  |  Hendersonville, TN  |  Hermitage, TN  |  La Vergne, TN  |  Lebanon, TN  |  Mount Juliet, TN  |  Murfreesboro, TN  |  Nashville, TN  |  Portland, TN  |  Smyrna, TN  |  Spring Hill, TN  |  Springfield, TN  |  White House, TN

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