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Fiber Optic Cabling

fiber optic cabling installation

Business communication at the speed of light.

Fiber-optic cabling offers many advantages with regard to data distribution. Primarily, fiber helps overcome attenuation of signals over long distances by transmitting light as opposed to electrical impulses transmitted by wires – without the need for amplification. Fiber also provides more bandwidth for future expansion, and is not limited to 100 meter lengths where copper cabling drops off.

Fiber optic cables are incredibly flexible, and consist of a bundle of extremely thin individual strands (glass tubes) that have been coated with insulation and banded together. An LED light transmitter sends light pulses through the individual glass strands to a receiver on the other end. These light pulses are converted into an electrical signal which is decoded by a computer or phone.

Two industry standards for fiber optic cabling:

single-mode (100BaseBX standard) – commonly used with long-distance telecommunications networks for its relatively higher bandwidth capacity

multimode (100BaseSX standard) – commonly used with local networks due to the lower cost of the associated hardware/electronics. Multimode fiber cable configurations include OM2, OM3, and OM4 – providing 1,10, or 40/100 Gb per second transmission throughput at varying distances.

Fiber cables are an ideal solution for high-bandwidth data transmission because the signal loss for fiber cable is far lower than that of traditional copper wire. Fiber optic cabling minimizes interference and cross-talk, resulting in less noise and signal loss. Interference from external electromagnetic fields is also greatly reduced, resulting in a cleaner and quieter signal. Additionally, fiber cabling can be routed virtually anywhere in a building for communication purposes.

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