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ClearLine Networks, LLC specializes in design and installation of voice and data cabling, audio visual systems, VoIP telephony, and integrated security systems for organizations in Greater Nashville, Middle Tennessee and surrounding states. We respond quickly to your needs with hands-on lead technicians averaging 15 years experience in the Data Comm industry. Our team of experts can help you design a new communications solution from the ground up or upgrade existing infrastructure and equipment to your specifications on any size project. From classrooms to board rooms, you can always count on us to deliver the best people, affordable technology, and unparalleled support.

We'd like to introduce some of our talented team:

Brad Johnson - Brad is one of the two original owners of ClearLine Networks and serves as its CEO.  Brad’s primary responsibility has been the majority of the sales for the company since its inception. With literally more than a thousand customers over the past 16 years, Brad has earned success through consistently putting his customer’s needs as the highest priority. In no small way, ClearLine’s methods of success have been based off Brad’s sales strategies. If you do what you say you will do and are fair with pricing, you will always have customers. Many of Brad’s customers have been customers for years proving that to be true.

Terry Catignani - Terry is the other owner of ClearLine Networks and serves as the Chief Operations Officer.  In many ways, Terry is the leader of most of the work that gets done each day. Terry began in the industry as a phone technician and quickly worked his way up to Telephony Division Manager and eventually AV Division Manager as well. Terry has always been good at seeing problems clearly and quickly resolving them as win-win situations. Terry will do the right thing, every time, with no hesitation. He is fair and level headed and a welcome addition to any construction project team. Much of ClearLine’s success is due to the influence of Terry Catignani and his commitment to great work done cost effectively.

Casey Nicoll - Casey serves as VP of Cabling Operations, and has worked in our industry for 23 years and with ClearLine from nearly its inception. As a registered BICSI RCDD, Casey is key to ClearLine’s cabling business. Not only does Casey do all scheduling for the cabling division, he also serves as ClearLine’s highest authority on quality and standards. Casey is well respected by his peers and the guys that report to him. His ability to put the customer first while also creating a great work environment for his cabling techs is priceless. Casey handles one of the hardest jobs in ClearLine and never gives less than 100%.

Mike French - Mike has been with ClearLine since day one. Mike serves as the Superintendent over the largest single customer of ClearLine Networks. Holding a multiyear contract to provide day to day support, with as many as nine technicians and never less than three, ClearLine trusts Mike with a great deal of responsibility.  Retaining that type of contract over the past 7 years is in no small part due to how well Mike does his job. Mike has proven to be the definition of great customer service and dedication to a customer. ClearLine would not be where they are today without his consistent and exceptional abilities.

Richard Hodges - Richard is ClearLine's Security Division Manager, has been on the team since the summer of 2014. Richard brings with him 24 years experience in the security industry and has been instrumental in the rapid growth of ClearLine’s security division. Prior to coming to ClearLine, Richard has served as a technician, then a lead, eventually moving into project management and estimating. Richard’s experience makes him a great leader in the fastest growing division in the company. Richard holds 8 different manufacturers certifications and has training in many others.

BJ Bales - BJ came to work for ClearLine to help grow the telephony division. He has been in the industry 17 years serving previously as a technician and now leads as our Telephony Division Manager. BJ holds certifications in numerous Phone Systems and Wireless Network Solutions. BJ is extremely popular with the customers he has served setting the record for number of customer compliments in his first month with ClearLine! Customers can instantly tell that BJ enjoys what he does and enjoys taking care of people.

Kevin Christiansen - Kevin came to ClearLine with no industry experience. ClearLine bet that it would be easier to teach a good guy our industry than find someone in the industry and make them into our type of guy. With Kevin, ClearLine won big! Kevin’s quest to understand our industry and willingness to learn has been impressive to everyone that has witnessed it. Kevin is a great salesman who has proven to be exactly what ClearLine was looking for. Kevin cares about customers first and foremost and it shows in his sales success. Kevin believes that if you look out for your customer’s interests and offer them value at a good price, the sales will come. We couldn’t agree more.

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